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17 09 2015


First Day of School 2015

17 09 2015

Emily & Luke had their first day of school last Wednesday. Luke was NOT in the mood for a picture, but was much happier post-donuts so we ran back home for take 2.

Before donuts

Before donuts

After donuts:)

After donuts:)

Ivanhoe Block Party

17 09 2015

We had our annual neighborhood block party Labor Day weekend. In previous years it had been in someone’s backyard, but we moved it to the street this year…much more kid friendly. The highlight was Luke leading the kid parade in our friend Eva’s car:) Emily & Luke were up way past their bedtime and had too much sugar, but managed to sleep in until almost 8. We vote for block parties every weekend!





Go Huskies!

17 09 2015
Getting ready to cheer on Husky Football against Boise State.

Getting ready to cheer on Husky Football against Boise State.

And then cheering on the women's soccer team in person.

And then cheering on the women’s soccer team in person.


17 09 2015



17 09 2015

A few Dads had recently set up a nice night out camping with all of the kids only to run head long into the worst stormy weather we’ve seen all year. Calling an audible, they came up with some last minute indoor fun by taking the crew bowling. Emily even got a strike! After a group dinner, we headed downstairs for camp talks in the basement and had a nice conversation about rainbows, unicorns, diggers, space rockets, leprechauns and pots of gold before drifting off to sleep.





Growth Spurt?

13 09 2015

Not sure if Emily has been going through a growth spurt, but over the past few weeks she has gone downstairs during quiet time and fallen asleep on the couch multiple times. She also seems to be accumulating more items as the naps go on.






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