Olympic National Park

24 08 2015

For the last few months we’ve been planning our first family trip away for a few days. We’ve been on vacations or overnights with family and friends, but we’d really never gone on a more than 1 night trip with just the four of us. We have been having fun exploring different outdoor spots around the state, and since we hadn’t spent a ton of time in northwest Washington we decided to spend our time in Port Angeles with excursions into Olympic National Park.

We packed a lot into four days away, and the kids did great especially considering both were just getting over being sick. On the way out to Port Angeles, we took the Edmonds<>Kingston ferry and stopped at Fort Worden in Port Townsend. David had spent some time there camping with his family when he was younger, and the kids loved getting to run around the old bunkers with all of the steps and ‘hidden’ passages.

On our first full day in the park, we made it up to Hurricane Ridge where we found out from one of the volunteer rangers (Gene, a retired pediatrician who was probably pushing 80) that it was the most visited park area in WA last year with 1.2 million visitors. Despite some blisters, we were able to hike up to some very spectacular view points. Next we headed over to Lake Crescent where we had lunch and walked up the Marymere Falls trail. The kids had a blast with the trail and loved getting to cross bridges and go up all of the steps to the falls.

For the second day, we headed out past La Push to Second Beach and Rialto Beach. While the views at Second Beach were incredible, we seemed to have the only kids who didn’t want to get their feet dirty or wet. City kids!! They were way more into Rialto Beach with the rocky beach and the climbable drift wood.

All in all a successful trip with much, much more for us to see. We’re excited to head back out again as the kids get older to explore new areas of the park.

Here are some of our favorite photos and even more can be viewed on Shutterfly.










Luke – 3 Year Check-Up

24 08 2015

Luke had his 3 year check-up this past week. This was his 2nd appointment in 3 days as he managed to catch a virus called Herpangina. At one point he had a 106 fever so we had a quick visit to the urgent care at Seattle Children’s Hospital. He was not a happy camper, but a week later is finally back to normal.

Weight: 31lb, 4oz – 25-50th percentile
Height: 38.75″ – 50-75th percentile
BMI: 14.63 – 10-25th percentile
BP: 99/60
HR: 115
Vision (R): 20/25  (L): 20/25

We also did a weight check on Emily and she is up to 34 pounds!

Chuckanut Road Trip

23 08 2015

Chuckanut Drive has been on our summer to do list, but the few weekends we’ve had nothing on the calendar seemed to coincide with the only cloudy days we’ve had. We finally decided to just go regardless and it turned out to be perfect weather and a great road trip. We drove to Bow/Edison and got some snacks at Farm to Market Bakery and headed north. We made it as far as Larrabee State Park where we had a picnic lunch along the water and did some throwing & climbing on rocks.









“I Want To Talk About Space”

12 08 2015

Somehow we had not yet taken the kids to the Museum of Flight, but were saving it for a rainy day. Fortunately, we haven’t had many of those this summer so finally just decided to go on an overcast morning. Clearly we should of gone earlier because they both loved it…especially the planes and space shuttle portion. Their enthusiasm has continued into the week. As we have sat down for dinner each night Luke has said, “I want to talk about space”.







Everyone trying to land the space shuttle

Everyone trying to land the space shuttle

Portland Week – Take 2

12 08 2015

Emily & Luke were lucky enough to spend ANOTHER week in Portland with Grandma & Papa. They became good friends with the cul-de-sac neighbor kids, rode bikes, went to OMSI, watched the Hillsboro Hops baseball game and made cupcakes. We met them back down in Portland celebrated Uncle John’s 75th birthday with friends and family at The Kennedy School.


Sand box at OMSI

Sand box at OMSI

Aunt Molly showing Emily & Sydney how to frost the cupcakes

Aunt Molly showing Emily & Sydney how to frost the cupcakes


Showing off his autographed ball from the Hillsboro Hops game

Showing off his autographed ball from the Hillsboro Hops game

Cul-de-sac friends Nicholas & Sophie

Cul-de-sac friends Nicholas & Sophie

Emily & Aunt Debi at Uncle John's birthday party

Emily & Aunt Debi at Uncle John’s birthday party

Riding the roller-coaster with Aunt Pat at Uncle John's birthday party

Riding the roller-coaster with Aunt Pat at Uncle John’s birthday party

Happy 75th Birthday Uncle John!

Happy 75th Birthday Uncle John!

The meltdown that ensued on the drive home

The meltdown that ensued on the drive home


You know he is taking a good nap when there is drool dripping down his chin

Class of 1995

12 08 2015

I had my 20 year high school reunion the day after our Chelan trip ended so we headed straight to Portland. Saturday night was girls-only at a local event space/bar/bowling alley. It was so great to catch up with lots of old friends! On Sunday there was an event at SMA for families. The kids spent most of their time in the gym…raiding the ball closet, having relay races with scooters and climbing on bleachers. Can’t wait for my 25th!







2015 Fink Family Vacation – Lake Chelan

9 08 2015

We took our annual Fink family vacation to Lake Chelan this year and had such a great time. It’s only a 3.5 hour drive from Seattle, but we had some extra time and decided to go the scenic route on the North Cascades Highway. Of course it was the only day in the last month(s) that was overcast, but it was still a beautiful drive. The only drawback is that it was a winding drive and Emily got sick:(

Our week in Chelan was spent swimming (Emily LOVED the water, Luke not as much), floating, jumping in the water, hanging out with family, jet-skiing (a first for me and Emily), a float plane trip to Stehekin for some of the adults, reading construction books (Luke) and loving the lake. We’re ready to plan a long weekend trip here for next summer already.

Here are a few of our favorite pictures, but there are a lot more here.











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